Nutshellz Armor Level 2

Nutshellz Armor Level 2
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    Nutshellz® Level II groin protector combines ultimate comfort with ultimate strength for law enforcement and military professionals.  Made with the world’s strongest materials, and engineered with a unique  ergonomic design, the Level II is not only lab tested and proven to stop a  bullet but also field tested for ultimate comfort and mobility.   The cups are hand-made to high standards and specifications in the United States. All Level II cups are made with ballistic grade Kevlar®  29 and carbon fiber found in the first, but also has a core of Dyneema®, a product stronger than Kevlar. This combination creates the strongest cup on  the market, perfect for those that put themselves in danger every day. To make them easy to wear over prolonged periods, they are made with a urethane  comfort surround which helps protect against discomfort on the field and even when sitting down.